The ‘Diaconate Mysteries’

Contemplative prayer is a prayer of silence — an experience of God’s presence. It is the opening of our minds and hearts — our whole being — to God. This goes beyond thoughts, words and emotions. The Rosary is... Read More

‘The Handmaid of the Lord’

Surely, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a significant (if, at times, subtle) role in diaconal formation. In fact, at...

Tapping into God’s Mercy

The most important decision we as deacons can make involves being faithful to a personal, daily time of prayer....

Open the Doors of Mercy

Liturgy is the authentic matrix of Christian piety and discipleship. In this Marian issue of Deacon Digest, I would...


The Unexpected Moments

Several years ago I had the privilege of teaching a graduate course in moral theology to a group of... Read More

What Would Mary Do?

About 20 years ago, maybe longer, the question “What Would Jesus Do?” began appearing on wristbands, T-shirts, mugs, magnets... Read More