The ‘Diaconate Mysteries’

Contemplative prayer is a prayer of silence — an experience of God’s presence. It is the opening of our minds and hearts — our whole being — to God. This goes beyond thoughts, words and emotions. The Rosary is... Read More

‘The Handmaid of the Lord’

Surely, the Blessed Virgin Mary plays a significant (if, at times, subtle) role in diaconal formation. In fact, at...

Tapping into God’s Mercy

The most important decision we as deacons can make involves being faithful to a personal, daily time of prayer....

Open the Doors of Mercy

Liturgy is the authentic matrix of Christian piety and discipleship. In this Marian issue of Deacon Digest, I would...


The Study on Women and the Diaconate

CARA recently released a new survey of religious women. One result indicated that, on the question of ordaining women... Read More

What Would Mary Do?

About 20 years ago, maybe longer, the question “What Would Jesus Do?” began appearing on wristbands, T-shirts, mugs, magnets... Read More